1.Powertrip 3:28
2.Coming Down 5:22
3.Anybody There? 1:18
4.The Haunted 4:52
5.The Drowing Machine3:09
7.Under The Weight Of My Stone1:42
9.One Bullet5:01
11.Cry For Tomorrow4:10
13....Into The Spiral Cathedral4:44
Devon Gravesvocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, flute, keyboards, percussion
Adel Moustafadrums, percussion
Roland Ivenz and Volker Wilschkoeveything else...
Markus Haidercajon on "Empty"
Mario Samwalddrums tuning
Produced by Devon Graves
All songs written by Devon Graves
Recorded and mixed by Devon Graves at Deadsoul Temple
Cover art by Travis Smith
Photography by Dieter Jochler, Karin Grundner